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New Instagram Feature – Collabs

Instagram continues to keep users engaged with exciting new feature drops over the coming months. The latest being Instagram Collabs.

We have a hunch that the 2 year lockdown period, may have contributed to Insta dropping this new feature.

Prior to lockdown many Collabs were rolled out physically, jumping on trains and planes, getting to events to record and release content physically. Now it can be done with some good strategic planning and a post up in seconds.

What are Instagram Collabs?

With an Instagram Collab you can invite someone to collaborate on a Feed post or Reel. Once they have accepted they can instantly share the content with their followers. It’s the perfect Collab!

Here are the wins:

✅. Both names will appear on header
✅. Shares to both sets of followers
✅. Live on both profile grids
✅. Share views, likes and comments
✅. Engage with each others communities

How to use Collabs?


So if you’ve planned an Insta LIVE, an Insta take over or are rolling out a campaign with an ambassador/influencer, you’ll probably want to consider incorporating Collabs into the mix to further broaden brand awareness and engage with new audiences.

How you do see this playing a role in your overall instagram channel and partner strategy?

NOTE: Instagram is still testing the feature so if you don’t have it yet – stay patient!

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