New Facebook Timelines For Business – What You Need To Know

    Thinktank Social

    We recently posted about Facebook bringing it’s Timeline feature in for brand pages, and today is the day that users can choose to make the switch. You can first preview the new look for your page, before publishing, however once you publish, there’s no going back. As of March 31st, all pages will be forced to make the switch, and there are a lot of major changes that brands will need to prepare for.
    1. Cover Photos
    Probably the most noticeable of the new layout is the large 851 x 351 pixel cover photo that sits at the top of the page. When it was announced, it put creative minds into overdrive with amazing ideas of how to use the space.
    However, Facebook have thrown in some pretty strict guidelines, leaving cover photos to be more of a visual brand promotion area, rather than a specific campaign promotion area. These guidelines include not being allowed to use any price information, contact information, calls to action, or references to liking the page.
    2. Messages with Fans
    In the top right hand corner of the Timeline, users will now see an option called Message. This allows users to send private messages directly to the brand. The brand can respond to these as the page, however they cannot start a conversation with a fan, only respond to someone who has messaged them first. Brands will have the ability to turn off the message button through their page admin panel.
    3. Page Tabs
    What had previously been a list of tabs under the profile picture is now a row of 3 images under the cover photo. This could be quite limiting, as there are only 4 spots, and by default, photos are the first one.
    Tabs are also increasing in width, so you can say goodbye to the old 520px wide limit, as they can now be up to 810px wide. In addition to this, pages will no longer be able to set a default landing tab, all users will now see your Timeline as soon as they land on your page.
    More new features will also be available, including a miniature admin panel that appears at the top of the page, the ability to add in past events such as when your brand started, the ability to set featured posts and pin them to your Timeline for 7 days and an activity log of all user interaction.
    We’re having a brainstorming session this afternoon in regards to what can now be done with our clients when updating brand profiles on the new facebook business timeline. We will also look into how to best capture visitors attention to the pages, communicating awarness to the new features and how to strategise engagement apps from the old to new dimensions.  Stay posted for our next update!