Monetizing Foursquare by rewarding loyalty.

    Sam Mutimer

    Foursquare has been around for a while now – I’m well and truly hooked on it and check in to around 4 – 10 venues or places each day, given talks on it at conferences and on radio and generally spreading the love for it to promote its use for both personal and business use.
    I’m not going to lie, i’ve totally changed my buying habits since i’ve been using it. I’ll grab a coffee from somewhere even if I don’t like the coffee – if there’s a mayorship to battle for, I’m happy to drink crappier coffee and walk that little bit further – in saying that, I’m rather lucky that Outpost Café (@outpostcafe) has probably the best coffee in Melbourne and offers Foursquare Specials for the Mayor (ME)
    The platform seriously has the ability to grow ten-fold by increasing the incentives offered for users though use of the points system or encouraging businesses to offer specials and discounts.
    Apart from a few venues around me– I’m stunned that either foursquare themselves or developers using the API haven’t produced a better, feature rich retention program using the points system that foursquare already has as part of each check in.
    We were recently playing around with the foursquare API for a client of ours – Fit n Fast Gyms who will soon be checking in users on their behalf when they scan their membership upon entry, this then posts to the users Facebook & Twitter profiles with a Fit n Fast logo to their stream.
    In club, they are offering prizes for mayorship, most frequented and many more to come – in addition to this, we are playing with the idea to include Foursquare screens (see pic) onsite where a leaderboard can be displayed of most visited, who the mayor is for both that particular club and nationally for all their clubs.
    How cool is that – it increases loyalty, encourages users to frequent the gym more often, encourages friendship / networking and generally makes it a nicer place to be.
    Next up for us is presenting a cross brand retention strategy to organisations through some clever coding using the foursquare API.
    As an example, I’ll use 2 totally different brands yet the same company to increase cross promotion opportunity, that works hand in hand.
    Salsa’s Mexican food & Boost Juice is one of my favourite little combo’s when scouting for lunch at my local shopping center – in nearly every shopping center there is both of these stores – it makes absolute sense to encourage cross sales and foursquare is the perfect platform for these to work.
    as an example :  “check in to a Salsa’s and Boost within 1 hour to receive a free upgrade” Makes sense yeh?
    To give another example, lets look at Coles Supermarkets and their Coles Express fuel outlets. Users could either have their phone’s scanned to check them in to the place or do it themselves, the offer could be if they visit a Coles Petrol Station within 24hours to receive a discount fuel offer.
    For the smaller businesses, teaming up with other stores or even developing a frequent user program is a no brainer – using the reporting functionality that foursquare already offers its business owners, its easy and best of all – free of charge to implement in its rawest form.
    We love integrating Foursquare into our campaigns as its functional, live, has fantastic reporting functionality and is innovative and enjoyable to use – it also keeps us on our toes for trying new things, which is what makes our job in Social Media marketing so much more enjoyable!
    Seen any other brands nailing campaigns using Foursquare? Let us know!