Mobile in 2011 – What You Need To Know

    Sam Mutimer

    There has become a fundamental shift in the way we now communicate with consumers, our mates and people in general. Technology, the internet and social media channels have made this all possible. So where are we choosing to spend our time to date, and why is it that our smart phones are now becoming the go to solution for all communication and engagement? A pretty amazing projection by Microsoft Tag says that by 2014 mobile internet usage will overtake desktop internet usage.
    Mobile internet has reached 50 per cent penetration among Australians using the web, which is the highest percentage to date (source, Nielsen). Our mobile market is in a state of rapid growth right now and it is constantly reinventing itself thanks to new innovations, better data capture, and compelling results based on billions upon billions of ad impressions.
    A total of 71 per cent of Australians using the web accessed video or audio content online, with 35 per cent claiming to do so on a weekly basis. In addition, 73 per cent of online Australians use social media – the country’s most common online activity (source Neilson)
    As more time is spent on smart phone devices, more advertising dollars are being soaked up there also. The business insider highlight these 5 new rules:
    1. Mobile display is a necessary component of every brand’s marketing strategy and will continue to outpace mobile search.
    2. Don’t rely on Google and Apple to drive innovation.
    3. Don’t underestimate the importance of the mobile Web.
    4. Mobile Web ads need to be as engaging as in-app ads.
    5. New mobile ad companies must outpace consolidations for brand advertisers to reap maximum value from mobile advertising.
    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/the-new-rules-for-mobile-ads-in-2011-2010-11#ixzz1PVheFfP5

    We all love a good infographic, and Microsoft Tag highlights where mobile is heading.