How to lose a 19 year old in 10 social media posts!

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    Although I consider myself a social media all rounder, I do have my favourites and tend to nurture those and neglect others – although I would never dream of deleting the cute little icon app on my i-Phone.
    So what is draining my smart phone’s battery at the moment? Put simply, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.
    The beauty of these apps is the ever so dangerous and addictive, endless scrolling and the fact that everything that appears in my feed is relevant to me, because at the end of the day that’s every Generation Y’s motto “me, me, me” right?
    Instagram at the moment is all the rage for Gen Y. I waste countless hours of the day scrolling through all of the pretty and delicious things I see on Instagram, just to work out where I’ll be eating the next day or what I’ll be saving up for–and then post it to Instagram. It’s a never-ending cycle but we all love it.
    Hash tags are the icing on the cake when it comes to Instagram, by clicking the link you are lead to everything your heart could possibly desire, a simple click and the door to your attainable fantasy is open –just like the one you dream of.
    From this I am constantly finding myself tagging friends in the photos asking for opinions, organising where to go or simply using the little Emoji with the love heart eyes- you know the one.
    From a serious Instagram users perspective the hash tag function is where I find most of my “follow worthy” accounts and hope and pray for a follow back.
    Confession time: Spending 3 hours on Instagram scrolling the alluring accounts of designers and socialites, searching for links of things that well, look pretty, only to realise my bank account had dropped to $1.99, was not my finest moment but as soon as those packages arrived back to Instagram I went. To post a photo and write something witty like: “Can’t wait to wear my new boots #Thesebootsaremadeforwalking”.
    Then there comes Facebook, the ingenious platform that changed our lives for the better. While I love Facebook, there is nothing worse than trying to find that controversial status that a friend of a friend posted only to be confronted by “Lose 20kg in just one day!!!”- No thanks.
    My relationship with Facebook is simple, I want to add and follow relevant things to me so I can keep up to date with all of the excitement or, easily commit to a half hour stalk, hassle free.
    The most useful Facebook feature for me is ‘events’. The rush of excitement I receive when my favourite companies invite me to sales or promotions just because I am their Facebook friend is uncanny and best described as a brief feeling of exclusiveness.
    Possibly the greatest thing about Facebook is that everybody is on it my mum and even my grandmother has logged on to see what all of the fuss is about. While everyday at university it’s Facebook that everyone is compelled by during lectures. Call it a wide demographic.
    How could we ever forget the beloved Snapchat? Our new toy where I will courageously admit to sending at least 20 snaps a day- a Snap-aholic if you will. Friends and I have reached a point in our networking where we will use Snapchat’s of ourselves looking like we have been “fat booth-ed” just to organise what we’re doing that day.
    Warning: Just be sure that your friends won’t screenshot and ruin your life.
    As for Pinterest I’m starting to see addictive tendencies but it’s not quite up there with Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat… yet –#Neversaynever.
    For the neglected: Twitter, Google plus, and Tumblr. It’s not you, it’s me. Perhaps one day you will be in my top hits but for now it’s Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat that have my heart.
    Written by Natalie Blanco