The Rise of Lola Berry: her powerful use of Social Media and spreading the word of Healthy Living.

    Sam Mutimer

    You may know the name Lola Berry. She is a presence online in the Social Media world, and it’s a cute as name. You may have seen her on Channel 10 program “The Circle” or heard her interviewed by funny buggers Hamish and Andy. To name one of her online achievements (there are many many many of them) she has a YouTube channel with over 50 videos that have commanded approx a quiet 20,000 hits. Impressed? Yes!
    Lola’s worldwide position as a market leader has been both leveraged and solidified by her powerful use of the social media tools on a grand scale. As a 25-year-old business owner, Lola has spread her message to the far corners of our dinky little planet using what some people consider to be “a fad” – Well clearly, Social Media is a communication vessel more powerful than TV, Print or Radio and the brand Lola Berry is a example that challenges this way of thinking.
    A little background on Lola:
    She is passionate about what she does. What does she do? Using her Bachelor of Health Science with major in Nutritional Medicine at Endeavour College of Natural Health she is an advocate for nutritious, healthy food and promoting a lifestyle balanced with good health and a fresh food diet. Her energetic personality and the way she presents herself is consistent and streamlined through from her website, to her TV appearances to her Twitter updates and you feel that there is a real person behind the twitter handle.
    Taking her passion for food and nutrition, Lola embraced the free tools of Social Media, in particular, YouTube, Facebook, Website, Blog and Twitter to spread her healthy message to the WORLD. I believe that Lola’s dedication and passion have shone through to her online self and she has created a successful business, doing what she loves and done it bloody well. Oh did I mention she has just written a book titled: “Inspiring Ingredients”? Superwoman? Possibly!
    I am excited just writing about someone so inspiring and motivated, so I wanted to share her story with you all. Having just finished her national book launch tour I took some time to shoot her a few questions about her Social Media domination.
    1. Lola, tell us about the moment when you realized that you wanted to spread the word about Health and Good food using Social Media – and what was your plan to make it happen?
    I’ve always been passionate about spreading the word of health, good food, and a wholesome lifestyle! My aim is to inspire as many people as I can! Health and nutrition is topic, which is often viewed as dull, drab and boring! I want to make it fun, easy to implement into ones lifestyle and at the end of the day, tasty!
    To be completely honest, there was no set moment about deciding to utilize social media; it was just a natural progression. As soon as our website lolaberry.com was set up we created Facebook, MySpace, YouTube pages, and more recently a twitter account. Each of these avenues further helps to spread our message to inspire people about good food!
    What I love about using social media, is that it makes info free for people to get hold of, easy to access and it’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That means that anyone who has access to the internet can log on and watch Lola Berry videos, read blogs, get health tips and updates at any time from anywhere in the world! We’ve just released the first Lola Berry book “inspiring Ingredients” and thanks to social media we’re getting book orders from all over the world! Just yesterday books were sent to New York, London, Russia and even Belgium!
    It’s amazing how much social media can help to get the word out there; I’m a huge fan! It’s an integral key ingredient when it comes to spreading the Lola Berry message!
    2. Ok so would you say that video is your strongest weapon to spread your message? Can you give me a bit of an idea of how many clips you have created? How did you start using video?
    We found our biggest strength to communicate the health message was to do it visually. health can be viewed as boring, dull and drab. By filming in a huge variety of locations and making it bright, fun, simple and entertaining we are giving the whole concept of “health” a new twist! Plus, because we film at locations all over Australia and even on the other side of the world, it’s visually interesting and keeps the content interesting! Plus, I’m a very passionate person and by using the form of video, we can capture that passion for food and clearly convey it to the viewer!
    The business is two years old and we’ve now accumulated lots of footage, from dumpster diving (and eating out of the dumpsters) in New York to berry picking and making jam in rural Victoria, everything we film takes the viewer on a quirky food filled journey!
    How I started using video is simply this, I was half way through my nutrition degree and I knew I didn’t want to practice (take one client at a time), because I didn’t think I could change enough lives that way. One morning I literally woke up and thought, “I’m going to be the Steve Irwin of fruits and veggies!” I worked three jobs to save up and buy a video camera, then each morning I’d talk to the camera about my brekky and the health benefits “these little oats act link an intestinal broom, they’re jam packed full of fibre!” Then I’d film in any spear second I had! I lived in Queensland, so I’d jump over fences and film at banana plantations, macadamia farms, even roadside market stalls, you name it! I had all this footage, so I called my Melbs mate Oscar, flew him up to the Gold Coast to edit the footage so I’d have a mini show-reel and he said “Lola, we can do something with this.” From that moment we went into business together, created the lolaberry.com website, filmed our first web series in Queensland and the rest is history!
    3. Do you have a social media strategy in place for the business ie: if someone slams your latest book how do you handle that situation, have you had any instances of bad social media?
    At the end of the day, working in media, and putting yourself out there in the public eye, you have to be prepared to cop the good and bad. And the great stuff defiantly out ways the feral stuff! That said, in regards to negative feedback we always take it seriously and will always take on constructive criticism, that’s how you learn and grow. For instance every month we will look at any bit of media, our website, content creation, recipes, etc and assess what we thought went well and how we could improve. We believe in having an attitude where by we don’t necessarily have all the answers but are constantly evolving in our brand. Our strategy has always been to grow, refine our message, make health entertaining, and evolve. I don’t really see any of it as negative or bad, you learn from every single experience! Everything for a reason!
    The sky is the limit for this little blonde pocket rocket. Watch this space!
    Find Lola Berry online here:
    @CazPringle xx