Live Stream Straight from your Facebook Page

    Sam Mutimer

    Can I hear a whoop whoop! Seriously, how fantastic is it that we can now video live content from the comfort of our facebook page or profile. The amazing people at Vpype have built us an application that has been on many business owners facebook wish list for a while. Vpype Live Broadcaster
    What is Vpype Broadcaster?
    This is a free application for your facebook page or profile. All you need to do is install this and add it to the page you want to broadcast from. You can add as many pages as you are admin for. Once installed, vpype will show up under the “shows” tab at the top of your page.

    Once you configure your mic and camera then you can start to enter in specific info about your broadcast. Then share this with your twitter and facebook friends/fans for even more exposure. Remember, as soon as you hit broadcast you are LIVE…so be prepared! 😉

    OK, so why would you want to live stream from your facebook fanpage?
    Firstly, people are comfortable with the facebook platform and in some cases it feels safe to them. This new application makes it easy for your community to join in and take part.Here are a few hot points that spring to mind on why to use this powerful application:
    Video seminars – free sessions you may put on for your community. This is also fantastic to build up more fans by making them aware you have a page and for them to become a fan and take part.
    Annoucing winner of your online competition – we did this recently with a client of ours – AFL Players Association and it worked a treat! Many people hopped onto their page and started interacting to hear if they had won. We did have some trouble towards the end as the internet went down – ekkkk…so, please note: this application needs a good internet connection and always have a back up plan of how you intend to connect with your viewers if things don’t go to plan 😉 We decided after this minor set back, to announce the winner via the facebook platform and record this immediately on the iphone then updated the page. AFLPA fans still stayed with us throughout the whole recording and the comp was a hit!
    Sharing an experience – live! Eg. the release of a new product/service or a pre buzz campaign.
    A demonstration of “how to” eg. how to download your slideshare presenation from your website/blog.
    I’m sure you can think of many more ways to utilise this!
    Why do I love this application? It makes things even easier for us! As users of the social web we are always looking for ways to integrate a social experience to our brand/product/business. This app enables us to connect with our community – audio and visual LIVE and gives them the opportunity to interact back (typing) via their facebook/twitter accounts. This interaction is also shared in their news stream/wall if they choose it to…making it even easier for us to get the word out about the broadcast. I also love the fact that if someone missed the live broadcast, then that’s ok, they can watch the recorded version in their own time.
    So what do you think to this new application? How do you think you may use it? Hit me up below 😉