LinkedIn – A Warning Against Cross Posting

    Sam Mutimer

    This week Linkedin launched its new sharing features , so I thought I might revisit some of the STATS I use for creating some of our Social Media Strategies. This corporate networking is gaining traction quickly, and is commonly a top referrer to the Thinktank Media Blog. Â No doubt people will go out and start using this new function right away. But there are a couple of things to consider first. So let me show you the breakdown of segments on the 65,000,000 million members.
    So who is there?
    Average Age: 43
    Average Household Income: $107,278
    Male dominated as compared with Facebook /Twitter: 54%
    Household Income $100k+ 51.8%
    University Graduates: 80.1%
    Business Influences Purchase Decisions Makers: 41.6%
    The number of Directors and above at any size company is over 7 Million
    IT Professionals- whose job function is IT or engineering over 5.5 Million
    By Job Title:
    C-Level /Executives 7.8%
    Senior Management 16%
    Middle Management 18%
    Source: http://advertising.linkedin.com/
    Cross posting may leave you missing the mark. This is a completely different audience make up to other platforms, so you need to treat it very differently. This includes language, messaging, even product bundling and the images the feature now allows you to add etc.
    Your connection network will also be unique to you, so keep this in mind.
    Updating your LinkedIn Profile as often as your other social media profiles may not be received warmly either. Remember it isn’t about what you want to say that matters, but about what they want to hear.
    Do you have any success stories from linkedin, or have found a way to really work this space well?