iTest: Unlocking 5S Fingerprint Sensor Technology

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    Guest post by Jordana Borensztajn– an iPhone and social media addict, journalist, comedian, and social media trainer who loves iPhones. Deeply.
    When the iPhone 5S was released, the fingerprint identity sensor seemed a little… meh. A little too ‘Mission Impossible’ for everyday iPhone users. Surprisingly, one month after its release, Touch ID has turned out to be one of phone’s most attractive features. But not for obvious reasons.
    I heard rumours about a range of wacky and wonderful delights being used to set up and unlock the fingerprint identity sensor, including nipples, cat paws, and tongues, so I couldn’t resist carrying out some tests myself.
    Regretfully I’m still using an iPhone 5 (if anyone from Apple is reading this post, I’d love the new champagne colour, please) so, my friend’s schmick new 5S became our iTest ground. We experimented with fairly conservative body parts. And here’s what we found:
    1. Elbows, ear lobes, knuckles, tongues, and (male) nipples can’t complete the fingerprint-scanning setup.
    2. The big toe can complete the fingerprint-scanning setup, but can’t actually unlock the phone.
    3. If you cover your finger in a latex glove, you can complete the scan AND unlock the phone. Yay for hygiene!
    Every time a new iPhone is released I always want one. Usually I’m motivated by getting my hands on the latest, and hottest, technology. But this time around, I’m desperate for a 5S to see if I can unlock it with my…
    To be continued.