'Is it Valentine's Day?' Said no one ever.

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    If you’ve just crawled out from under a rock (that’s situated 200 km’s below sea level), I have news. It’s Valentine’s Day!
    It’s no secret that Valentine’s Day has gone into overdrive online. While you scroll through your News Feeds containing truck loads of lovey-dovey content, you may want to ponder this interesting thought; the Facebook relationship status is becoming the digital 1 carat diamond. That’s right, ladies and gents; put away your cupcake recipes featuring a surprise ring in the middle. Hold off on the hand-made, calligraphy clad invitations. This has become a valid relationship milestone. I’ve slotted it somewhere between the first date and getting your own set of keys to your partner’s place. If you’ve placed this milestone immediately after a party pash, please – check yourself. This is serious.
    With the social space giving us various platforms for self-expression, it seems we’re expressing ourselves all over each other. Some with heart-warming sentiment, some with a bucket in hand.
    The social media monitoring experts at Radian6 have put together a great infographic outlining stats on V Day’s social media activity between February 1st and February 12th. Here are the standouts:

    • 8,293,748 conversations about Valentine’s Day
    • 27,453 conversations discussing plans for Valentine’s Day
    • Top two activities being discussed: Staying in (38.5%), Going to the movies (25.8%)
    • Online conversation by gender: 71% women, 29% men
    • Men are more likely to express negative sentiment around Valentine’s Day
    • ‘My baby’ is the top term of endearment used, with 20,020 mentions
    • 5,468 people say they love this day
    • 21,489 people say they hate this day

    Obviously this is a red-hot topic of conversation during the month of February. But what else can we take from this information..?
    Most people hate Valentine’s Day. Those that love it are a bunch of hornbags that are planning on ‘staying in’ with their ‘baby’.
    Happy Valentine’s Day!
    (Particularly to the one I recently committed to via Facebook’s relationship status)