Is Facebook blinded by the bright lights of advertising?

    Thinktank Social

    Has Facebook lost its hold as a form of social connection now that they are becoming more brazen in connecting their members with companies for a buck?
    This move could be justified, as the use of mobile for searches has quadrupled in the last year; for many items, one in seven searches are now performed on a mobile device. 71% of smartphone users that see TV, press or online ads perform a mobile search of the product. These impressive stats further validate Facebook’s move in paving a new path for increasing revenue. This reliance on the humble mobile phone may be the leverage that Facebook can use to attract lucrative businesses to begin advertising via the mobile platform.
    But has Facebook bitten off more than it can chew? The hurdle that Facebook might encounter is displaying ads on a mobile. This can be tricky because ads can create any number of rendering problems. Among the myriad of different phone browsers on the market, this transition could drive up consumers’ data plan fees – neither are good bases for a marketing relationship. For many, this could leave a bitter taste in Facebook user’s mouths as, what was once a free service, is likely to incur costs. The underlying issue is how users of Facebook will retaliate with this new form of advertising. As many other forms of social sharing outlets (such as Instagram) paving a new wave of popularity, could this see many Facebook users sharing their interest and comments elsewhere?
    Facebook has revolutionised the way that businesses connect with their customers. It has allowed consumers to voice their opinion with so much more weight converse with businesses in the social space. Could the admired pair, Facebook and business, now be the enemy?