Instagram’s Next Big Thing? Our Top Four Predictions

    Thinktank Social

    Instagram has fast become an essential channel for brands large and small.
    The highly anticipated update of the platform is rumoured to hit our phones and tablets before the end of the year, and there’s lots of theories about what this new update is going to include – here’s our roundup of the most interesting theories!
    1 – Private Messages
    After blog GigaOm claimed to have some insider information on the new update, rumours have been rife that a private messaging feature is on the way. It makes sense – with Instagram owners Facebook recently being told “thanks, but no thanks” on their bid to buy Snapchat, it seems like a fair bet that they’d be looking to add some of Snapchat’s functionality into the photo sharing app they already own to add to its runaway success.
    Our rating – 7/10 whispers –  more likely to be true than untrue.
    2 – Regramming
    The “regram” is already part of Instagram culture but the only way to currently do it is manually – take a screenshot and upload that to your own Instagram (hopefully taking the time to credit your source and tag them like a decent person).. it’s clunky and very much a work-around. To have a sharing/regram functionality built in would be welcomed by plenty of users and would also add another dimension to the ways users share information with one another.
    Our rating – 6/10 whispers – would be a no-brainer and a crowd-pleaser. Here’s hoping!
    3. – Multiple Account Management
    With brands hopping on board all over the place, the cries for better ways to manage multiple accounts have been long and loud. Will this functionality be included? There’s no doubt there’s demand for it, but whether the boffins at Instagram are putting hands to keyboard to provide remains to be seen.
    Our rating – 2/10 whispers – sadly, more wishful thinking than an actual likelihood.
    4 – Advertising
    Already live the US, it’s only a matter of time until this is rolled out here in Australia as well – whether that’s going to be part of the end of year update is not certain but has to be a very strong likelihood. The opportunities this is going to present for brands has certainly got all of us super excited here at Thinktank – whether they can manage it carefully enough to not alienate their massive user base remains to be seen – interesting times ahead!
    Our rating – 9/10 whispers – We’ll be shocked if this one is not included.
    There you have it, the very best of the crystal ball gazing predictions on what’s going to happen. Rest assured whatever this update includes we will be all over it, and we’re poised to help our clients benefit. If you’re interested in finding out how your business can capitalise on Instagram, please contact us.