Instagram Announces Live Video on Instagram Stories


    What? ANOTHER Instagram update? Tell me about it, fresh from updating you all about Instagram Shopping Tags, the cheeky devils roll out some new features! Let’s see how your brand can WIN with Instagram LIVE and make sure you are on the ball with new tech!

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    Combining the best features from Snapchat and Periscope, Instagram Live lets you broadcast yourself to your followings in real-time, it can only be watched while you’re still streaming – that’s it! No replays, no second chances! Now that Meerkat is gone (sad) Instagram Live is positioning itself as THE app for all your live streaming needs.
    Differing from Periscope and Facebook Live which allow permanent replays, Instagram will disappear as soon as the stream stops – will this lead to more frequent streams from brands / celebrities? It should also create some more engagement and urgency from users, as you only have that one shot to watch, or you’ll miss out!

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    Here are our TOP 3 Tips on how your BRAND can utilise Instagram LIVE

    1. Limited Offer / Unique Code

    Treat your loyal followers with a special offer – a unique online code perhaps? Why not create some regular interest, maybe every Tuesday at any time between 4pm – 7pm you will be LIVE with that special offer

    1. Video, Video, Video!

    As the videos are only available to watch LIVE whilst you are streaming, this should lead to more engaged users – take advantage of this! The major plus is it’s mobile only, meaning you can film on the go – the rough unpolished video is what the users expect meaning you can just point and shoot!

    1. Behind the Scenes

    Give your followers some insight into what you do – maybe a quick weekly behind the scenes update. It will help them feel connected to your brand and will make them feel valued as part of your community.

    We’d highly recommend you give it a go! Keep an eye on our social channels to stay up to date with all that’s happening in the social space – head to our Instagram now!