• Social Media Audit

      You may know how many people follow you, but do you know who they are, where they are from and what content they engage with? We research your channels and discover the make-up of your audience and determine next moves.

    • Social Media Profile Card

      Brands and prospective partners are increasingly aware of their target markets and this tool provides them with a dashboard style reference of your audience, the size and demographics.

    • Hashtag Strategy

      It may seem simple yet so few do it well. We deliver an efficient and relevant ‘go-to’ list for your hashtags which is vital in building your desired audience and engagement.

    • Branding

      Those with a strong and distinct personal brand find it easier to cultivate and manage their reputation, credibility and profile. It’s the key to becoming an influencer and gaining trust with the people that matter.

    • Website Design & Development

      Your website is your online shop window. It should represent you and your brand in the best possible way for your audience. Our design and development team specialises in sites that look great and work well, for human users and search engines.

    • Education & Training

      For those who are happy managing their own personal brand and simply want to lean on expertise in social media marketing and amplification, our expert team are available to educate and train on industry best practices.

    The support was great and the team was always there when we needed them. We’ll definitely be back for future projects as we continue to expand the brand.
    Chloe Logarzo