I want it and I want it now!

    Thinktank Social

    Much the same as the Facebook ‘Like’ button, Facebook appear to be testing a ‘Want’ button, taking Facebook marketing to a whole new level. The ‘Want’ button follows in the footsteps of its older brother ‘Like’; it allows users to provide sentiment around a product with the click of a button. But not the kind of sentiment currently measured with the ‘Like’ button. See, when you ‘Like’ something, no one knows whether you like it because you already have it and enjoy what it brings to your life, or whether you would like to have it in your possession. Maybe your friend has one and you’ve been jealous since they bought it 3 months ago. With ‘Want’, your friends, and the products’ marketers, know immediately that you desire this product. And what better way for Facebook marketers to gauge popularity of a product? Too easy.
    While this is a step in the right direction for e-commerce, which is becoming increasingly social, Facebook may be walking a fine line in pushing the consumerism envelope a little too far. For the average Facebook user, it’s a personal space. A space for connection with friends and family; for posting photos, talking about work or the party they went to on the weekend. With Facebook ads, sponsored stories and promoted posts filling the space, will those using Facebook for social purposes grow tired of the marketing invasion?
    In any case, it will be interesting to see when the ‘Want’ button will appear, the mechanics for marketers and the varying attitudes towards the heavy little word that speaks volumes for online marketing.
    So now, I’m going to ask you to put both of your Facebook hats on; business and pleasure. Do you want ‘Want?’
    Looking good in those hats, by the way.