How your business can become THE place to be with a little help from Facebook

    Sam Mutimer

    The most popular social networking website in the world has decided to take the next step in location based services with Facebook Places! This app enables Facebook users to check-in at a location and share this with their friends.
    Thinking most people already have a Foursquare account that let’s them do all of that? Well, while today Foursquare is very popular, Facebook has an enormous database and will quickly evolve to become a big player in lbs. Not to worry about your Foursquare or Gowalla account, they will integrate with FBP!

    Some of us old school small business owners, who are not used to location based services, tend to get a little “Big Brother is watching me” fright when they think of services like this. No need to feel all 1984! This service is safe and can make your local business the next “must check-in” place!
    What can it do for me?
    If you are a local business owner looking for a fun way to interact with the customers coming into your store and wish to attract more people without having to start a whole campaign, location based services are the answer! Here the opinions of the customers are your selling points, and believe us when we say this will make attracting their friends to come to your place a lot more likely.
    Facebook Places Checkin
    How to use it
    To use Facebook Pages simply add your place to the app, then go to the website and claim the place as yours. This can only be done by an official representative, so no one else has access to your place! Now whenever people are in the area, your place will come up on their FBP, this way it can also be used as a local search engine and will draw new customers to your store or cafe. When they check-in to your place this will show in their news feed, right where their friends can see it and you are able to share content with them!
    George Orwell may not have foreseen all the positive sides to the the technology of this day and age, but I’m pretty sure if the great man was around right now he’d be sharing his idea’s with millions of Facebook Friends 😉
    Have you seen what location based services can do for businesses and/or are you using Places or Foursquare successfully? We’d love to hear your story!