How To Maximise ROI and Engagement On Facebook

    Sam Mutimer

    I’ve written this post of two intentions. 1. to educate and inspire our readers of the new opportunities Facebook now offers us all and 2. to very subtly……right at the end pop a banner in of a few products we’ve just built last week to cater for these opportunities. Now that’s been put out in the open, enjoy the read!
    It’s now a given that Facebook is one of the most powerful business tools for brands in 2011. With over 621 743 220 worldwide Facebook users, (that means that 1 in 11 humans are active on Facebook). An average user connected to 80 community pages, groups and events. An average user creating 90 pieces of content each month, 30 billion pieces of content shared each month. And with 2.5 million websites have integrated with Facebook, 20 million applications installed every day, it’s a huge realisation for anyone who wasn’t convinced that brands should be playing in this space.
    So granted, Facebook is an outstanding tool to gain brand awareness, run your engagement program along with a strong customer service channel (and some of these objectives you’d focus on first) but what next?? What about converting those relationships into sales, whilst attracting more people to your page, and looking after your already trusting community with the best deals before you release them any where else.
    If you’re up to speed on where eyeballs are heading this year then you’ll know Group Buying is a space that’s expected to grow by 284% to $242m in 2011, according to new research from Telsyte.
    There are a multitude of group buying sites out there that will get you leads and sales fast, however some suck up to 60% of your takings. Why not use the successful model however integrate this into your Facebook page. What I mean by that is, offer the same deal you would on a group buying site – eg. for the first 100 people that buy a specific product in March, they all get the deal at a 70% discount or 150 people need to book in for a particular service before they all get the 70% discount. So you’re looking after your community through incentives and loyalty whilst encouraging them to share this with their friends. If you consider the average Facebook user has 130 friends and a % would see this on their news feed – then there’s potentially a huge amount of people that are 1. Aware of your product/service 2. Aware that their mate has purchased something 3. Could potentially come over to your page to see what all the fuss is about.
    Providing Facebook-only incentives is a simple yet easy way to develop new fans and nurture existing ones. If you have a Facebook community then why don’t you let your users become brand advocates for you. For example, they can connect their Facebook photo onto your own branded voucher. Their personalised voucher is posted to their wall for all their friends to see, and you can measure how many of these vouchers have been downloaded, taken in to the venue/store/gym etc and used for purchase.
    Creating hype and excitement to your Facebook page is important to keep engagement high and people who like the page coming back for more. You could consider offering incentives and a little mystery to attract new sales. There are many tactics you can take to do this, and I’m sure you’ve got a tone of ideas.
    If you’ve built your community to a high and trust worthy level then have you considered offering a point of purchase within Facebook? It seems crazy not to do this if one of your objectives is to increase leads and sales. We’ve just recently finished designing and building Richmond Football Clubs. Richmond use their Facebook store in a tactical way. Firstly, they are there for the fans so interacting and providing outstanding content is number one. What they do at times though is offer their fans specific deals to merchandise through Facebook and also another touch point to purchase tickets. With every purchase tracked from Facebook, they have the perfect tool to maximise their ROI through Facebook.
    These are all no brainers for us, to see businesses and brands really ramp up their Facebook numbers whilst also reward through loyalty and discounted sales. If you’re keen to hear more then feel free to hit us up, We’d love to run you through a few…..and focus on increasing your Facebook numbers and sales.
    So are we the only ones seeing the opportunity here? What are your thoughts? Plus, please hit me up with any questions that spring to mind.