How to get your social media program up and running? Part1

    Sam Mutimer

    Within this short post, I’m going to run through some of the basics and best ways to start, and roll out your social media program. We’ll cover off how to find your target market online, whilst also delving into tactics to engage and convert. This will run over two posts  guys – Part 1 and Part 2. So this is part 1! 😉
    Setting up a social media program can take quite a bit of time. However it’s worth getting it right from the start…otherwise it can get expensive!
    Firstly develop strategic goals suited to your business. I’d suggest setting 2-3 comprehensive goals, for example,  Social media should help client and potential customer engagement, along with providing another leads channel to the website.
    Secondly, set measurable objectives and be specific about these. For example – one of the objectives of our facebook page, the “fan store ” tab, is to generate 25 + leads a month. A lead is a conversion from our facebook page to our online store check out. We will spend 2 hours a week specifically focusing on the call to action , being the fan store tab,  and will develop educational content for our blog that will support this. We will measure traffic clicks from twitter and facebook to the purchase page, and track conversions from the google analytics code we drop in once a conversion takes place.
    Thirdly, benchmark wisely! Know what you are measuring for. There’s no need to benchmark everything from facebook insights, bounce rate, clicks, RT’s etc…Know what you want to achieve, and work out the best metrics to utlise and show success.
    Monitor conversations about – for example, your brand, your industry, your competitors, social keywords and identify what platforms these conversations are taking place on. There’s no need to set up twitter, facebook, linkedin, youtube, foursquare, blogs etc if you’re market do not hang out there. Choose a tool where at least 20% of your current and potential customers already use themselves. Also establish how a particular social media channel can drive cost reductions, and/or new product/service uptake. For example on the facebook page wall or tab.
    So how do you monitor and track conversations, whilst finding out where your target market are? Apart from the obvious of asking them face to face, or if your online, via a survey, poll or sign up option, there’s a few other ways to do this too.
    From paid to free tools on the web, there are a number of ways to track conversations, however let’s look at the freebees for now! Remember, they may not be as accurate as the paid tools, however they are certainly a start!
    The first tool is called social mention.com. I love this tool for beginners! This is like  big brother. It sources the whole of the social web for conversations from blogs, forumns, social sites, picture sources, the works. You simply enter in the key words you are looking for – for example,  If you’re a coffee shop in Melbourne, then enter…Coffee and Melbourne ,and it pulls all the conversation had about those key words..real time..right here right now. It also alerts you where on the social web this conversation happened or is happening, for example – Twitter. You can also set email alerts so each time your industry, business, competitors or keywords are mentioned, you’re alerted immediately! Research.ly is a similar tool. As is search.twitter.com. So have a play and see what works best for you!
    One tip to finish off – have you ever send out a link, for example, It may be a link attached to your email signature that is advertising an event that you’re running, or a link to your website, or blog post link put onto facebook. Have you ever wondered who has clicked on it? How many times they clicked on it and from where? Well check out bit.ly – that’s BIT.LY – this will be able to tell you exactly that!
    Well, times up now…be sure to follow the post that flows on from this, which is focused on planning and rolling out your social media program. I trust this has cemented the first few initial stages you need to utilise to set your social media program up for a greater level of success. Next up is part 2! So, what else do you want to know?  If you’re keen to learn more, then we’ve got a kick ass event coming up next month. I’m too excited! To check out more simply click the banner below.