How To Enable Fans To Tag Themselves On Facebook Page

    Sam Mutimer

    Tagging a picture on facebook is one of the quickest ways to share that picture with a huge % of people, and it’s one of the hottest features on the facebook platform right now.
    The tagging feature has been used very successfully within social media brand campaigns enabling the reach of the campaign to spread quickly and effectively when done right, whilst also keeping the cost of this procedure very low.
    So, why use the tagging tool in one of your campaigns/competitions?
    Here’s just one of many reasons – Once a person has tagged themselves on a picture then this automatically goes up onto their wall (unless settings have been selected to stop this). What this means is that this then goes into their news feed and gives all their friends an opportunity to view that picture.Considering the average user on facebook has 130 friends then a high percentage of eyeballs can view this, and it can create buzz very quickly when used as a competition element.
    A great example of this is a campaign by Ikea.
    Forsman and Bondenfors were asked to engage people in the opening of the new IKEA store in Malmö. IKEA wanted to spread the word of their new store fast whilst creating awareness well beyond Malmö.
    Instead of recreating the wheel, they decided to utilise a platform that was already there: Facebook, the largest Social Network Platform in the world, with well over 500 million active users…..half of which log on daily for 25 minutes an average session.
    They also used the most popular function Facebook has in their strategy – TAGGING! Read more here.
    Many people have been finding it increasingly difficult to role out similar campaigns by getting the people who like their page to tag photos. Facebook have made this feature ridiculously challenging to unlock.
    Here’s a quality video on how to set your page up so people can tag photos on your page. Nick Coleman explains the process effortless and easy – soak him up here!

    Watch this space for our latest tagging campaign with Coles Liquor/ Maxx Dry!
    Curious to know if other people knew that the fan/like tagging feature on a page was this this tricky? Did this help? Anyone using the tagging feature in their social media campaigns at the moment?