How to create a unique URL for your Google+ page

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    There is currently no way to request a custom URL from Google+ directly. Google has given a few out to reputable brands and celebrities, but you cannot request one yourself. Right now when you create a Google+ profile or business page, your URL might look something like this long and difficult-to-remember address:
    But why? This question was raised during Google I/O 2012 developer conference and they still haven’t decided on it. It may still be under development, but we aren’t sure when this will be ready. In the meantime, we’ve found an answer to this problem thanks to an unofficial site called Gplus.to.
    How to shorten your Google+ URL in 6 easy steps:
    1. Create your Google+ page.
    2. Go to your Page and copy the page ID in the URL address bar. The ID will be all the numbers after the last forward slash (/).
    3. Go to gplus.to
    4. Fill in your desired page name (Nickname), and your Google+ ID into the corresponding areas.
    5. Click add.
    6. Congratulations! Your Google+ page URL is generated and will allow you and others to remember it easier, and hopefully bring more traffic to your page!
    Hope you found these tips helpful, and make sure you let us know of your success in the comments section below!