Have You Seen A Drop In Your Facebook Ad Reach

    Thinktank Social

    Do you use Facebook Ads for your company page as part of your Social Media strategy?

    If so, you will notice in the last few months there has been a significant drop in Facebook brand pages REACH  – What is reach?
    Reach tells you how many people saw your ads or Sponsored Stories. This metric helps you answer many important questions:
    How many people heard my message?
    Measuring in people instead of impressions shows you the impact your ads and Sponsored Stories are having on potential customers.

     Why has my reach dropped? Good question…recently Facebook optimised the algorithm of their newsfeed that decides what a user sees on their newsfeed which includes engagement: the amount of clicks, likes, comments, shares etc. generated by a piece of content, this has impacted the organic reach for a companies page.
    There have been numerous data tests to  prove this theory, one of these been researched by Edgerank checker which shows that since the 20th September  they found that organic reach is down 25 percent, viral reach is down 45 percent, and engagement decreased  17 percent, while virality marginally increased 7 percent.

    How can you improve your reach since these changes?
    The simple answer is to create more engaging content, this will lower the impact this optimisation should have on your reach. Use call to actions in your content (encourage discussion and interaction). Know when your fans are online, post during these times so that your Post’s Lifetime overlaps the time they’re online.
    Lastly but not least, promoting your posts, you’re simply increasing the chance you’ll reach a larger number of people and, when they interact with your post, their friends. People trust recommendations from their friends, which means that this extended audience is more likely to be interested in your business when they see that a friend has liked, commented on or shared your post.
    A good example of organic growth which Thinktank Social posted can be seen below, this result however will vary depending on many variables – time of post, demographic of target audience and how relevant the content is.


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    Now get out there and keep been awesome, creative and engaging with your posts!!
    Who has other great ideas/ways to increase your reach to potential customers? Would love to hear them!
    Facebook have released a blog on the above topic – News Feed, Engagement, and Promoted Posts: How they work
    Great read – the article really supports the fact engaging content is the key, along with specific targeting in your Facebook ad campaigns which will ultimately  increase the chance you’ll reach a larger number of people.