Google+ Facebook = #SMwars

    Sam Mutimer

    The 29th of June 2011 marked the start of the Social Media wars (#SMWars) with Google’s announcement of it finally entering into the Social Media arena with a viable option to the ever growing Facebook world, called Google+.
    With early (beta) adopters already estimated to be at the 20 million mark by the weekend – even before a public launch, Google+ has made the bold statement that it’s here to stay and is really going to rock the Social Media world.
    Already after only two weeks we’ve seen the first few shots being exchanged from Mark Zuckerberg creating (and then hiding) a Google+ account to “test the waters” to Facebook’s announcement of in-browser Skype video chat, which is a direct response to Google+’s “Hangout” feature.
    Although Facebook stated at the announcement of Facebook Skype chat that it was something being worked on for some time there has been a number of bugs identified since its launch which only makes you wonder if it was rushed to match functionality.
    Microsoft is anything far from the battle lines, positioning itself quietly on its purchase of Skype only a few months ago for a seemingly high (and questioned) price, it certainly seems a well timed purchase and only strengthens the Microsoft-Facebook alliance powering Facebook’s search, video chat and mapping functionality.
    This only leaves Twitter, the Switzerland of the Social Media world, sitting on the fence pondering its future and still grasping with how to monetise its 200 million user strong business.
    Google+ a mere 2 weeks old is still powering up its full capacity and capability and is yet to launch a range of developer tools to enable Google+ games, applications and the much awaited business pages. With recent announcements of the re-branding of Google brands an integration of various Google products seems imminent into Google+ and certainly in the company’s best interests to ensure maximum user opportunity.
    So, with the line clearly drawn in the sand, which side of the #SMwars are you on and why? Google+ for its clear and thought out clean new world? Or, The pioneering Facebook coalition with its 750 million users and social media street cred?