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Goodbye IGTV

Instagram has started to remove IGTV from users profiles. Why? Only 1% of IG users tap on the IGTV tab and Instagram want to keep their interface as clean and simply as possible.

Hayley Littlejohn from the team shared: “I think also reels are a huge competitor for IGTV, I know if I could choose between a 10 min video and a 10 second reel I’d choose the reel every time. I don’t think I every really tuned into an IGTV that was more than 2.5 mins long 😅

Many will resonate with Hayley, however there is still a market for longer format content and Instagram have provided a solution for this.

Users can now upload up to 1 hour of video content and this will be loaded into normal videos seen in the feed.

Old IGTV videos will now turn into normal videos also.

So moving forward, there will be 4 types of content.

– Videos

– Reels

– Feed posts

– Instagram Stories

Is this the news you expected to read? Are you glad Instagram has made this change or will you miss IGTV?

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