Get Your Content Marketing Right in 2013

    Thinktank Social

    With social being so HOT right now (much like the January weather), getting your content marketing right has never been more important than it will be 2013. Now’s the time to look at your plan for the year and possibly re-think how you’ve approached your content marketing in the past.
    We’ve all seen Facebook Pages with random updates and seemingly irrelevant content from Page Administrators. This type of activity not only damages a Page’s credibility and annoys their community, it also leaves potential new ‘likers’ with questions about what their Page is really about. Content Managers need to have a PLAN for how to best get their message or story across using a variety of channels and sources. The key thing with Facebook is to keep your content ENGAGING. Know your community by constantly monitoring what posts have been the most successful in terms of likes, shares and comments, website traffic to name a few. This information will help you provide more engagement amongst your community, and also enable you to test the waters in new directions. No one wants to see the same old stuff all the time!
    Furthermore, when developing your content you need to take a step back from the company image occasionally and consider what would I want to see or share? If you think about your own social media habits, you’ll probably find that many of the posts you comment on or share are humorous or light entertaining. Providing your community with some light content that isn’t necessarily brand focussed, but is still relevant to your industry, will help boost engagement and interest for your brand.
    Get noticed this year by better leveraging visual content to create a more engaging space for users to enjoy. By committing to create more relevant use of images, you are free to take your story in a truly unique direction. Whether via targeted hashtagging of photos on Instagram, or adding creative images/graphics or videos to Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Get your brand noticed by subtly placing your logo somewhere within an image to help bring users back to your business when they see your image shared. 2013 is the year of visuals!

    When planning the content that best tells the story of your company, you could also look towards your entire team as a resource. Who knows the business better than the employees? You can draw upon their experience in customer issues, and create content that shows the innovative steps you’ve taken to improve your product/service. Your FAQ page on your website doesn’t need to be a static tool, you could easily integrate those scenarios into your content in creative ways. Consider how could you integrate the different leaders (within your organisation) into your marketing content? Be sure to either film or photograph any industry event your company is involved in and also cover it in your content. Ask everyone and anyone in your company to supply content that relates to their area of expertise, and you’ll be surprised how many varied ideas will flow, which will ultimately help share a unique story of your company. Tell your community about your best sellers (or most popular service), and gain further feedback from your audience. Keep it fresh and real!

    If you’re introducing an offer, a one-off event, or a competition, ensure that you have a call-to-action that clearly identifies the relevance and an explanation of the steps required to get involved. This type of content marketing can also help increase your community numbers.
    2013 will be a year of fierce marketing amongst companies, as more and more brands are making their mark in the social space. The challenge for content marketers is to keep the content relevant, unique and engaging consistently throughout the year. We’re looking forward to seeing some amazing changes in the way companies approach their content! Bring it on in 2013!