Get Innovative with Google Glass

    Thinktank Social

    Are you ready for Google Glass? What’s the deal with it anyway? What was the deal with computers say 20 years ago? When people were going “we are not going to be spending time sitting behind a desktop, or behind a screen that we’re holding.” But, fast-forward 20 years and that’s exactly what’s happening now. We’re spending a huge amount of time on these devices. Now Google has brought something out called Google Glass, which is again going to be a huge fundamental shift in how we communicate and consume information. It’s a wearable computer that you have in your glasses. It’s cool, they’ve even just brought out prescription glasses, and different shaped frames. People are going to be wearing this stuff in the next few years, and you’ve got to start planning about it now.

    The team at Thinktank Social have been working with a really cool, innovative client, The Eureka Skydeck. It’s the tallest building in Melbourne, and sometimes when you go to the top it’s a little bit foggy. So we brainstormed how we can extend the viewing experience and make it even better for visitors.  iPads were an obvious choice, but they’re already here, so we needed to think a bit more innovative with what’s coming out in the future, as well as what’s available right now. So that’s where Google Glass came in. Soon, when you get to the top of the Eureka Skydeck, you’ll be able to put on some Google Glass, and say “Glass, tell me what Melbourne looked like 200 years ago”, and immediately you’ll be able to see that. It’ll augment your reality. You can then say “Glass, show me what Melbourne looked like 50 years ago”, and again it will do exactly the same thing plus so much more.
    This is just a taste of what’s possible with Google Glass. Our advice is that NOW is the time to start thinking about this.

    “Google Glass is not a fad. Social networking was not a fad. The internet was not a fad. This stuff is happening and it’s going to be growing. So at least be aware of it. Start thinking about it, otherwise you’ll be missing out.”

    So think about how you can offer your customers or clients (or staff) a better experience with your brand.  Could Google Glass provide the change your brand needs? At the very least, if you start thinking about it now then you’ll be ahead of the pack, and your competitors will be wondering how to keep up!
    What kind of impact do you think Google Glass could make with your brand? Leave a comment below, and share your thoughts.