First Viral Campaign on Chat Roulette

    Sam Mutimer

    CLEVER!!!! As soon as I heard about Chat Roulette I could sense that this platform would be a great place to run a guerrilla marketing campaign. For those of you who are not sure to what this site is, it’s basically an online chat video platform – it randomly matches you up with another random person online – for video or text chat. Pretty in your face and not my cup of tea, however it’s a hot hot space at the moment….and where there are people and attention…there’s a great space to run a guerrilla marketing campaign!
    Check out how Condomerie.com used this space to highlight the awareness of HIV via a quirky and catchy Bingo sign and half dressed lady!

    Do you think we will see more of this type of marketing on Chat Roulette? I have a few ideas of what can be utilised here already 😉 Hit me up with your thoughts team 🙂