Fancy That!

    Anthea Kuthan

    I was first introduced to this ‘Fancyful’ app over dinner at a friend’s place where she and her husband happened to be detoxing.
    The word ‘detox’ itself involves detoxification and plans to rid your body of toxins. So, whilst detoxing your body, why not chow down on some tech to fill the food void?
    So… What is Fancy? Fancy is a store, blog, wish list and magazine all rolled into one super ‘fancy’.
    It’s a zone to discover amazing stuff, collect things you love, to get updates on your fave brands and to share your collection. You can use it to create and admire a catalogue of your cherished items from around the big wide web.
    You could say “I’ve seen it all before” and could swear that Pinterest and Instagram share similar functions, but Fancy is unique in that you can view and/or purchase your ‘wants and needs’ at a touch of a button, directly from your mobile.
    To create your list of ‘fancies’, just tap on an image and it will be added to your collection. You can also comment on items, browse, and search and share all your finds with your fellow Facebooker’s and tweeters. It also has the similar function to Pinterest where you can follow and view other people’s collections. Most listings have a “where to buy” option, which will link you directly to the ‘good stuff’. Note: not all items on fancy can be bought.
    If you’re looking for a unique gift, I’m pretty sure fancy would have you covered – you just have to discover it first.  To read and learn more about Fancy click here http://www.thefancy.com/
    If you are ready to start your Fancy journey, click here to download the app to your mobile http://www.thefancy.com/help/mobile
    So, do you fancy this? Or do you fancy giving it a miss?