Facebook's Newest Feature: Marketplace

    Thinktank Social

    EXCITING NEWS! Facebook Marketplace is rolling out across the US, U.K, New Zealand and Australia over the next few days!
    What does this mean? Ditch the classifieds, because now you can start selling on Facebook to other users nearby! Rivalling Craiglist, eBay, and Gumtree, you can make offers, send messages to sellers about items and organise payment. Facebook will NOT be organising payment methods or delivery though as that is up to the buyer and seller, so the marketplace is just to advertise your goods and get offers.  
    Considering the amount of local Facebook groups you’ve probably seen in your feed for local buy, swap and sell groups, this is going to make those transactions much smoother for those looking to buy and sell. The Marketplace will be popping up in your Facebook app via a shop front icon in the bottom navbar, but only to users aged 18+. It won’t be available on Desktop just yet either, with Facebook saying it will be available in the coming months.
    Mic.com have also reported that in the US, the launch has been plagued with “anarchy”, with illegal trading of weapons and drugs (plus many other unsavoury and definitely illegal items) taking place on the newly launched Marketplace. Facebook are working hard to remove the illegal items but they are relying on consumers reporting the items for sale in order to take them down.
    Read more about it and watch a video on the new feature at SocialTimes and the official launch post in Facebook’s Newsroom here.