Facebook’s New Page Functionality – What You Need To Know

    Sam Mutimer

    Even those of us who are cautious or vigilant with what we share online have let Facebook essentially take us by the hand and lead us blindly down the Yellow Brick Road. Ultimately, we trust that they are taking us all the way to Oz. And today’s launch of the new page functionalities seems to back this idea.
    Today, Facebook launched a new page functionality that enables brand pages to interact with other brand pages. This awesome new feature is handy for those of us with strong relationships with other brands and has massive community building and brand enhancing potential!
    We’ve had a good poke around and thought we would share this with you.

    So far you’ve been able to talk to and share with the community of fans you’ve brought to your page. This is great for getting to know your fans and who your brand ambassadors are.
    But this new functionality is all about interacting with other areas of Facebook as a page and ultimately, getting your page in front of new people. This seems to promise a cross-pollination of communities – like your friends can hang with my friends, online (so long as you’re not spammy or annoying!).
    Say a page that is built around a cheese rolling organisation in the UK interacts with the page of a cheese brand or a traveller community page. They now have the ability to do this for example, by posting a funny video of a bunch of people chasing a cheese wheel down a hill for all to enjoy. Get it?
    The good thing is, in keeping with the trust people have in Facebook, personal profiles are a no-go zone for brand pages. So as a page, you cannot go and post (or spam for that matter!) on someone’s personal profile.
    Other handy innovations include navigation links being repositioned so they’re in the same place as they are on personal profiles, making them easier to find, filtered wall posts so the most popular one’s appear first and that eye catching photo strip which doubles as a great space for displaying your brand pics.
    The downside is that any tabs you have built in with applications are now displayed down the left hand side underneath your profile image and until people get used to finding them in that location, they are not grabbing attention…
    Love it or hate it, tough biscuits, as it’s soon to be the default format come 1 March. Let us know your thoughts: are we in for an exciting new development for brand pages, or are we merely at the mercy of Facebook’s latest home renovations?