Facebook’s New Page Feed Coming! Will You Click?

    Sam Mutimer

    Facebook are trialing out a page feed so fans can see all updates from their favourite pages in a separate stream, but will fans be as dedicated to check another feed to ensure they soak up every status update?
    On average, only 16% of people who like your page will see a post from you in their news feed. Due to this space now being consistently cluttered with brands updates, it’s becoming increasingly more competitive to get your posts in front of your fans scrolling screens.
    How will it work?
    Users will be able to choose if they’d like to receive notifications from pages each time they post. This will appear in a separate news feed.
    Where will you find it?
    Users will be able to find this in the task bar on the left hand column of facebook, with all the other options like eg. groups, ads manager, apps etc.
    You can access your pages feed now and the new page feed is believed to be similar to this: https://www.facebook.com/pages/feed

                                                                                                                                                                            Pic from Social Fresh

    Inside Facebook believe that the “news Feed will likely continue to show top posts and sponsored content, but Pages Feed may serve as an unfiltered stream of page activity”
    What this means for brands?
    Brands will be able to educate fans to check updates in their page feed and therefore will be able to get more of their content in front of their communities’ eyeballs…however we must remember, Facebook is built on a friends movements/recommendations/comments etc, so a brands content still has to be powerful and solid enough to get the user to engage, therefore showing up in friends newsfeeds.
    Great move by facey? Are they doing this to ensure the user gets to see the pages they really love and not to miss a beat on their content?  Or are they covering themselves from the reach drought due to algorithm changes?  What’s your spin on it all? Hit us up in the comments section below!