Facebook's New Ad Platform – Guaranteed To Increase Conversions

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    On September 13, Facebook officially took its new Facebook Exchange project out of beta.
    Facebook Exchange, or FBX, is a platform enabling advertisers to bid using cookie-based targeting. Facebook will be using visitors search histories, much like Google has for years now, to deliver ads.
    So what are the benefits? For one, FBX allows advertisers to ‘retarget’ users back to their website. This is extremely important because a person that has already shown commercial intent will once again be exposed to your content, allowing much higher rates of conversion for off-Facebook websites.
    For example, an e-commerce store selling iPhone cases – let’s call them ‘Cases4U’ – has a user land on their webpage, browse around, and for whatever reason leave (they probably just remembered they had forgotten to order more cat food).
    The same user later visits Facebook, which then detects the Cases4U cookie on their machine. Content from the advertiser is shown, and with a click the user that had previously shown intent to buy are transported right back to Cases4U.
    Triggit, a FBX partner, has seen such success with trialled campaigns that they have turned their results into an infographic.
    Results are promising. Triggit has reported a 4 times increase on return on ad spend, a 2.2 times increase in click conversion rates, 6.5 times higher click per action rates, and an 18 to 30% conversion increase on FBX.
    FBX is sure to be another huge win for Facebook, and online advertisers in general. Given its stellar near-billion mark user-base and the increased rates of performance, FBX is certain to put smiles on the faces of many marketers.
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