Facebook Saves Lives Using Blood Groups

    Sam Mutimer

    Wow, is there anything Facebook can’t do? This well thought out campaign by TwentyThree in Israel has really taken the power of the social network to a whole new level.
    The purpose of this campaign is to assist government’s NATAL trauma centre for emergency blood. They communicate quickly with members of the Facebook group to see if its members can donate blood. The groups were split into blood types – AB, O, etc. The campaign attracted huge media exposure, had zero budget and saved lives. This is a brilliant example of how social media can be put to good use and for a worthy cause.
    I blogged about KLM earlier this year (in a different context to this), however they are another brilliant example of a company engaging in a random act of kindness to yield a result from its target audience, and with minimal budget.

    So you’re thoughts…? Can you see the Red Cross doing something like this? Would you join a group of this kind?

    Via Digital Buzz Blog