Facebook runs the social media world

    Sam Mutimer

    Facebook is still the most popular social networking platform currently with no sign of subsiding anytime soon, with numbers reaching an all time high in Australia with 15 million users.
    Early last week Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg delivered his ten-year roadmap for Facebook at the F8 Developer Conference. Here’s a look at Zuckerberg’s slide of his ten-year roadmap:
    Zuckerberg’s vision for Facebook thinks we will be “wearing virtual reality headsets that will be less dorky-looking and more like your normal everyday glasses.”
    Facebook’s ten-year vision will be possible with the further development of technologies providing optimal connectivity to the Internet worldwide by 2026. Allowing us to connect with anyone at anytime around the World from the richest to poorest countries. Unbelievably by 2026 “artificial intelligence will be good enough that we can talk to computers like humans.”
    Whilst Zuckerberg’s vision is ambitious; it’s definitely not impossible with the way we are headed in terms of potential advances with technologies. It’s an exciting time for Facebook and the movement of digital worldwide communication. It seems almost nothing is impossible as long as there’s a strategic plan; achieving set out goals will take us further into the future of digital communication possibilities.
    We are living in a semi-virtual world where social channels are integrated into our everyday lives, making these channels a fundamental part of our society and how we choose to communicate with one another.
    It’s crazy to think how far Facebook has come in recently years and with further advances; the potential for Facebook is mind blowing. Facebook will have even more control over what we hear, see and think, making the social networking platform an unstopped force within our world of politics, business and culture.
    (Sources : Matt WEINBERGER– Business Insider www.businessinsider.com.au/facebooks-world-of-virtual-reality-in-2026-2016-4)