Facebook Releases New Insights

    Thinktank Social

    Back in June Facebook invited a select group of Page Admins to try out some new Insights and give feedback. Well the feedback’s been received and this Friday Facebook rolled out the new Page Insights for all! The idea behind the new Insights is to allow admins to gather better data about the people who visit their pages in hopes of admins creating better content for those viewers.

    If pages can create better content for viewers, Facebook becomes more valuable to users.

    According to Facebook for Business, there were some highly sought after requests that are now implemented into Insights. The first of these is Simpler Metrics. The main metric that people are taking note of is the People Talking About This metric. It is now split into separate elements:

    -Page Likes
    -People Engaged
    -Page tags and mentions
    -Page checkins
    -And finally, “other interactions on a Page”

    Positive vs. Negative. Now admins can view, side-by-side, aggregated positive and negative metrics. All in one place, admins can now see what’s working, what isn’t working, and tailor future content accordingly.
    Reach vs. Engaged. By being able to compare reach and engagement levels, an admin can see just how effective content is working. Even if there’s a lot of spend behind content creating large reach, that doesn’t necessarily mean the content is effectively storytelling for your brand.
    New Exporting. Facebook now allows users to update their custom reporting template, with the option to use the old Export still in place.
    Reporting is important. It allows admins to review content and tailor their methods of storytelling to get their message out there. After all, isn’t that what social’s all about?