Facebook Privacy…What You Should Know!

    Sam Mutimer

    Pic from http://sdow.semanticweb.org

    Facebook Privacy seems to be a question that gets raised in nearly every presentation we run, and it’s a no brainer why!
    One thing you all should know. Everything you post on facebook is automatically open for anybody to see! That’s every status update, picture and video you upload!!! It can be pretty daunting for some people as for others..they couldn’t care less.
    Before we nail the privacy controls, remember this. Every single bit of content you put up on Facebook is a choice….so be wise in what you share.
    Facebook Privacy is an educational process for every person who decides to utilise the platform, whether it be for business or for a personal account. It’s now an easy platform to nail, ensuring you’re not pumping out content to everyone and anyone. Facebook in the distant past was known to over complicate the privacy process and it’s great news for us as now, thanks to the “master switch” you can tighten things up in the shake of a lambs tail, controlling all your content at once in the same spot. The main thing to highlight here is you can protect all the content you have ever processed.
    What better way to learn than from the second biggest search engine in the world! Soak up this quick Facebook privacy video “how to”.

    Other things to remember:

    • When you “like” or “share” any content then it’s automatically feed onto your wall too, for all your friends to see. GREAT viral exposure for brands/products etc and we feed off this quick and easy sharing facility yet if you’re not keen for your mates to see this then simply – take the tick off “Allow select partners” in your privacy settings (held in your account bar – top right)
    • If a person tags you in a picture then it goes straight into your pictures. Great if it’s a flattering photo 😉 Yet if it’s one you’re not sure if you want your mates/the world to see (privacy settings) then make sure you untag yourself.
    • Last one – have a quick look through all the pages you have liked. Facebook is lapping up the business and community pages and is always looking for ways to utilise this info to link in with specific advertising. They index the business page/community page with info of your profile. So if you’ve liked a page that you’re not keen for other people to see then probably best to punt this one into space!

    Facebook is obviously hotter than the sun right now…and it’s one of our favourite social networks for biz and pleasure! The reach is huge and the facebook insights and targeted messages step all over Google analytics. It’s a platform full of potential, yet with huge opportunities there are always risks.
    What are your thoughts on how facebook shares your information? If you’re a brand/biz then can you see how this is possibly the most targeted way to connect with your market? If you’re on it for a personal aspect..are you finding to find that brands are finding you now? Hit us up with your thoughts below, we’re keen to hear more.
    (via Social Media Examiner)