Facebook Offers – Follow up

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    This is a follow up from our post on Facebook offers available in Down Under
    With the dust settling on the Beta program for Facebook Offers it is becoming apparent that it can offer up more of a headache for page owners than they first bargained for. Already we have seen the fallout on a few pages able to create Offers.

    In one example, Huon Bush Retreats in Tasmania ran the Offer “3 nights in a studio cabin @ $99 per night” which saw 90,676 people take up the offer in 6 days, which has the potential to turn into a customer service nightmare and has indeed prompted a post by the page today to assure Facebook users that they haven’t had their accounts “hacked”.

    In another example we have seen how Latitude Travel Services has used Offers to run a competition that is being used to collect email addresses for promotional marketing. This offer has been claimed 36,600 times in 3 days. Note: it is against Facebook terms and conditions for competitions to be run using Facebook functionality like this.

    So what does this mean for Offers

    Pros Cons
    • Depending on the discount it can create word of mouth advertising.
    • It can add value to a sale or be used to up-sell a sale.
    • Another way to engage with your page community.
    • Can create a bad user experience or a customer service nightmare if the offer is over committed
    • Limited room for terms and conditions in the offer.
    • While you can set an Offer limit the offer doesn’t have unique numbering.

    While we have seen some hiccups in the Offers beta it by all means does have it’s place but mostly for use as a token offer campaign, something that you would give to a regular customer. For example, “Get a donut for $1 with any coffee or tea purchased”. You aren’t actually giving anything away, but rather allowing the opportunity for an up-sell.