Facebook Offers Available Down Under

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    In true Foursquare style, Australian businesses and brands can now extend ‘Offers’ to their community. This is available for those businesses that have a physical address and a Facebook page.
    The idea goes like this:
    Business posts offer to their wall. This can be done via the menu where you can also select to post a status, photo/video etc. Here, you provide details about your offer (including short, concise terms and conditions) and an image that represents the offer. You can also limit the number of offers that can be redeemed by your fans.

    When published, the offer appears in the news feeds of fans and on the brand page’s wall.
    Offers are free for pages to do and are a great way to invite new members to your community. Everyone loves a bargain!
    From there, if a user wants to take up the offer, they will be sent an email to the address listed on their Facebook. The user is then asked to either print their offer or display the offer on their smartphone when fulfilling the offer.
    This is where there are still a few holes in the system.
    There are no personalized codes or any way to track the use of offers. If I decide to use an offer, I can easily forward the email sent from Facebook to my friends for them to take advantage of. This could mean the honest people miss out or the business could lose money.
    Having said that, it would seem unsuitable, at this stage, for businesses to use Offers for big ticket items. On a smaller scale, offers could work quite well. It may not be ideally set up for businesses just yet, but has the capacity to have the news of your brand’s offer going viral.
    As a result of limited functionality of Facebook offers at present, we believe many companies will still use a customized Facebook application that provides trackable coupons for fans.
    Offers are not available on all brand pages just yet. Keep an eye out and learn more here: https://www.facebook.com/help/offers
    Will your business use Facebook Offers? We’d love to hear how!
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