Facebook Moves to Objective-Based Advertising

    David Thomas

    Facebook Ads just got a whole lot less complicated thanks to Tuesday’s announcement that the social network is shifting to a model that it calls “objective-based ad buying and reporting”.
    Whereas in the past it’s been inferred that some may require a degree in computer science to decipher the Ads process and understand results, or dealt with an Agency specialist, Facebook have redefined their advertising model to be more logical and easy to follow. In doing so, Facebook have also created an opportunity for businesses to be far more strategic about ad placement and targeting.
    Now, rather than selecting an ad type, advertisers can choose from among the following objectives, which Facebook said were chosen based on conversations with “marketers of all types”
    – Clicks to website
    – Website conversions
    – Page post engagement
    – Page likes
    – App installs
    – App engagement
    – In-store offer claims
    – Event responses
    Once advertisers choose an objective, Facebook will recommend an appropriate ad type, as well as determining whether the ads are performing more strongly in mobile News Feed, desktop News Feed, or on the right-hand side. Marketers can also specify where they want their ads to appear.
    This latest enhancement has opened the door for businesses to determine more defined strategic outcomes associated with the placement of Facebook Ads. Facebook provide the following example when discussing this new opportunity for businesses;
    “For example, a marketer looking to drive traffic to its website can now place a desktop ad with a link to its full desktop site, and a separate mobile ad that links to its mobile site. This means businesses can better tailor ad experiences based on where people will see their messages.”
    More often than not, a Facebook strategy will be based around content and community management, while Facebook Ads are placed to provide support to the content and promote engagement.
    In short, businesses and agencies alike can now utilise this new feature to create multi-layered strategies around Ads exclusively.
    No doubt this new development is going to be met with great enthusiasm across businesses considering using (and currently using) Facebook as an advertising medium.
    Facebook sum up their changes perfectly with this single sentence;
    “Businesses told us that when creating an ad, they didn’t want to choose an ad unit — they wanted to meet an objective.”
    These updates are live now, Facebook says – but we are yet unable to access them. As soon as we receive access, we will certainly be blogging about it in more depth!