Facebook Application to Recruit New Employees

    Sam Mutimer

    The Facebook business page, as I’m guessing you all know by now is HOT HOT HOT ! From it’s community building features, sales channel opportunities, sharing capabilities, customisable application development to competition role outs and so much more it’s certainly a platform to keep your eye on, and embrace if it’s part of your social media strategy. You’d be crazy not too!
    We are always looking for ways to integrate a businesses experience/sales channel into the Facebook Page and Matt @ttam (Our Head Developer and Strategist) is constantly coming up with new ideas for businesses, building them into applications for this power platform. Here’s a great example of a world first developed by Matt on Facebook http://bit.ly/aqM0Su ( I just had to mention a quality staff member in this post – he totally deserves the acknowledgment) 🙂 Anyhow, these applications are available to purchase via Thinktank Media, however we love to share the free ones too!
    If you are looking for employees then this free application is a ripper….. and it’s so easy to install into your page. With the “work for us” application you can post jobs on your Facebook Page for FREE and receive potential employee applications using this. To take a look at how you can use the app then check out the Fit n Fast Gyms page – one of our fantastic clients also 😉
    You can also link the “work for us” application into your facebook advertising campaign by the click of a button.
    So, how are we using this app with our clients for successful results?
    1. Install the application here http://bit.ly/9Ykinn
    2. Update the job roles
    3. Share the link (in a http://bit.ly link – so you can track clicks) on twitter/linkedin, facebook and any other social networks you have. Also you can put this in your email signature and in your email marketing campaigns if you’re keen.
    4. Post on your facebook wall any pages/forums where your target employees maybe hanging out – be careful not to spam though.
    5. Warm up your alliances and get them to assist you in promoting this also via the bit.ly link you have set up – driving traffic to your Facebook page. This also plants the seed you have a page, what your services/products are and gives a warmer opportunity for people to “like” your page.
    So, what do you think of this application? Have you used it yet? Are you considering it? Hit me up with some comments below peeps 🙂