Don’t Stop Believin’ – The Gleeful Journey to Social Media Domination #GLEE

    Sam Mutimer

    glee (glē) n.
    1. great merriment [syn: hilarity]; 2. malicious satisfaction [syn: gloat]
    Ok so I know that Kylie Minogue loves it and Katy Perry wont stop tweeting about it, whether or not you like it (and I don’t) Glee is everywhere. I don’t mean the noun, I mean the friggin TV show.
    Not only has it taken over our airwaves, our TV sets, our CD players and completely revolutionized contemporary music – Glee’s online presence is MEGA and even though I believe that the show has completely defaced some of the worlds most precious tunes, I have to admit there is a reason why it is one of the highest ranking shows in the world.
    The twitter page hails 284,916 followers a mere 150,000 MORE than my personal favorite show at the moment, True Blood. I was uncomfortable when I researched Glee’s online cult following, with 3 main pages for Glee America, Glee Latin America and Glee Australia, if I had $2 for every follower I would be hanging out with Richard Branson on my own equally stunning island in the Caribbean – just so you know Glee combined Facebook pages alone commands a quiet 6,722,855 users. The transition from TV show to the online world spread like wild fire, those online visionaries in control of Glee’s online brand have facilitated this immense growth beautifully – See how much opportunity there is for others to fly a similar holistic online flag?
    Not only does the Facebook page allow users to watch full episodes of any episode it has an application called “Glee Your Life” (amongst other cool new apps) which can facilitate more singing and a test which ultimately decides which Glee song “is the soundtrack to your life” – Whilst writing this I think my inner soundtrack would be a combination of “I hate you so much right now” By Kelis and something from Bat out of Hell, nothing creates the aura of inner turmoil better than Meatloaf.
    Glee’s overwhelming tackiness is not what concerns me the most. In the last year the Glee Soundtrack’s sold over 848,000 digital downloads FROM JUST 11 SONGS!?! The highest selling track was a personal favorite of mine, Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin” was originally released in the United Kingdom in February 1982 and managed to peak only at #62. However with the power of the show It has now achieved 60 weeks on the official UK Top 75, making it the 9th longest runner of all time, and 78 weeks on the Top 10.
    In conclusion and with a strong disdain for what I am about to admit, Glee has covered it all. From the interactive website and Facebook pages everything a “Gleek” would want has been catered for seamlessly and at the click of a button. And do you know what – Glee’s online presence is going to grow bigger and better, no doubt about it.
    Who’s with me?? Otherwise I’ll take my message all the way to regionals 😉 Hit me up below! #GLEE