Digital Stats In Australia 2012 And Why You Need To Know About Them

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    We love stats, as they’re the substance to our existence in the digital world! When we stumbled across this post, we had to share. Thanks to Jake Hird from bit.ly/VEfODb we are pleased to present our top few.
    60% of online Australians say they watch TV and use the internet at the same time. [Source: ACMA]
    At last traditional media are integrating digital into our everyday lives. making it even easier for us to be connected on multi channels if we choose to. Channel ten recently released Zeebox ( a game changer) and we predict that this figure will only grow – bit.ly/VEhnkF
    95% of Australian consumers have used the internet in the last 12 months. [Source: Sensis]
    Can you believe it’s only been 15 years since the internet was born! Watch these stats continue to explode.
    In Australia, the top types of downloaded content are: photos (78%), music (64%), YouTube clips (64%), TV shows (60%) and movies (53%). [Source: Panasonic / Content + Technology]
    Take note….the above stat goes to prove that photos, videos and interactive content will increase engagement with your fans/followers, keep the photos relevant to your brand, visually enticing and most importantly trial out what’s working and eliminate what’s not!
    22% of Australian internet users are extremely concerned about the security of their credit or bank card when buying online. [Source: Australian Policy Online]
    With the increase of credit card scams and privacy surrounding online purchasing we can only predict this figure to increase, we believe that you have to be cautious on when and how you buy online. Online privacy is pretty much dead!
    71% of online consumers in Australia check email first thing in the morning. [Source: ExactTarget]
    …..and press that dreaded send/receive button another 20 times before 10am. With the main communication line been email we are more and more concerned about missing that important message, taking our time away from full focus on the daily tasks need to be completed.  Bring social into the mix, and employers will need to ensure that this time is spent productively and that it garners results.
    One in every four minutes that Australians spent on the web in November 2011 was spent on Facebook. [Source: Nielsen]
    Just goes to show – the Giant of Social media “Facebook’ is still at the top of the social ladder and growing everyday – bit.ly/SmeY2B
    And here are a few more interesting stats to inhale:
     72% of small Australian businesses believe social media investment leads to sales. [Source: AIMIA]
    39% of large Australian businesses measure ROI for social media. [Source: AIMIA]
    89% of online Australians watch video content on Facebook. [Source: ACMA]
    83% of Australian LinkedIn users would connect with their boss. [Source: AIMIA]
    68% of Australian social media users read reviews or blogs. [AIMIA]
    Average Australians spend more than 3 hours watching online videos each month. [Source: Nielsen]
    We’re now living in an extremely connected world, and this connection now is heavily involved around digital /social platforms. Whether we like it or not, that’s where people are choosing to spend their time and many of the above stats will only ever increase.
    Face to face connection is extremely important, however we’d like to pose the question: Have you spent increasingly more time connecting to friends/colleagues via social networking platforms this year?