A Day In The Social Media Life of A 15 Year Old

    Thinktank Social

    As a young citizen of the Internet, there almost hasn’t been a day where I’ve never used social media. I’m constantly being exposed to a wide range of content from- memes to facts to aesthetic photos. Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and Facebook are the four platforms I find myself scrolling through every day.
    Instagram being my most used platform, I’m always double-tapping travel and food photos, memes and I love watching the short one-minute videos. What appeals to me most about Instagram is how easy it is to find something you love, how easy it can be to share photos with your friends and how easy it is to discover photos and videos.

    Youtube is another one of my most frequently used media platforms. As a typical 15-year-old, I can spend hours watching room tours, travel vlogs and clothing hauls. There is just something I love about watching others share their fashion style and room décor.
    From companies, photos that are crisp, simple and don’t feel very “in your face” are what captures my attention the most. Such photos make me want to click on the company and explore their brand. On a company’s social account, I love to see photos of the service or product in action. The way a product looks on someone and the way the food looks in real life. An Instagram theme is another key element that captures my attention. A coherent and crisp theme that encompasses a company’s feel and color scheme is really important, as it allows me to see what the company is about. For potential consumers, a theme is one of the first impressions they have of a company.
    In addition, I think influencer outreach is another important tool. Its kind of like the simple case of “celebrity endorsement”, Influencer endorsing helps to keep the brand out there. Seeing products in the hands of influencers I’m following allows me to get to know that brand and see what other people think of it. It’s one of the fastest ways to capture the attention of the target market and I definitely have fallen in love with brands just by discovering them through other huge Instagram accounts.
    Over the next year, I think Instagram will stay as my number one most used platform. There are so many opportunities through the platform and I’m excited to see what the new trends are in the future.

    I hope that through my post, I’ve given you a little insight into my social media life as a young teenager!
    Article written by Alicia- currently undertaking work experience at Thinktank Social