Day 1 #preinnovate

    Thinktank Social

    after 16 hours in the air i finally arrived today at San Francisco and not even 12 hours after arriving i was attending a VIP dinner with some of the biggest names in the whos who of Ecommerce. Including Scott Thompson (Preisdent of PayPal), Matthew Menerink (General Manager of X.commerce) and John Donahoe (CEO of eBay). That was alongside some of the other heavy weights of the ECommerce world whos dinner conversation consisted of talking about Ecommerce solutions that talked of numbers into the Billions of Dollars.
    All in all it was an interesting comparision into what we are doing in Australia vs what industry is doing here in the US. While Australian retailers are in somecases grasping to understand ECommerce the American market does not already have an understanding of it they have a number of companies setup to specialist in refining and reporting data in a digestable format for users to be able better target potential customers.
    I also raised a number of development issues with Magento, which while Magento is an amazing ecommerce solution, for developers it is very hard to develop in because of its struture.
    Following that was the #preinnovate party which last count had 120+ people confirm via eventbright, got to meet a number of amazing developers from all over the world.
    From what i was able to pick up about X.Commerce innovate tomorrow is going to be a massive day, stay tuned for more news which we will have as soon as Australia wakes up in the morning!