Consumer Behaviour and Social Media

    Sam Mutimer

    Very recently I was making enquires about a sales management resource for a client. I posted my request on Twitter and got a response from a Twitter Buddy. Shortly after, I was contacted by the book’s publishers, who were obviously monitoring their brand on search. Not long after, they were answering direct questions about whether it would suit my specific needs or not.
    They also took the opportunity to open up a discussion on their business’s Facebook page and post the questions I had to the people that had already read the book.
    Honestly it was beautiful. No sales pitch.
    To a consumer, there is risk in trying something new. No doubt you know that feeling of purchasing a product and getting it home only to find it didn’t represent the value you paid for it or it won’t fit the purpose for which you bought it.
    This is an age old theory:
    “The central problem of consumer behaviour is the choice. Since the outcome of choice can be only be known in the future, the consumer is forced to deal uncertainty” -James W. Taylor –The Journal of Marketing – April 1974

    They were able to connect me to third party advocates that let me measure the suitability of the book and remove any risk anxiety I had immediately. Social Media is yet another opportunity to create a very positive brand experience that consumers carry with them. This is a five minute exercise you can do each day. There may be times you need to put out a fire or just serve people. I think this is pretty simple and there is no need to complicate this process.
    Have you had an experience like this online? Tell me about it below and how it made you feel.
    Natalie Giddings is Thinktank Media’s Senior Social Media Strategist and she has extensive experience managing brands presence both online and offline.