Confessions Of An Instagram Shopping Addict

    Anthea Kuthan

    Hi my name is Anthea, and I am ADDICTED to purchasing from Instagram.
    So, I may just declare this to you now so you are fully aware of my situation… I LOVE Instagram! Yes, I’ve said it! When I say love, my affair with Insta and online shopping addiction has now sweetly married and are pulling at my heart and purse strings on a daily basis. The initial scroll ‘distraction’; something pretty or bright and you’ve got me! I feel my heart rate rise and eyes widen as my finger hovers over that cute little ‘like’ heart and before I know it I’ve double tapped and tagged my fashion lovin’ shopaholic insta friends in the photo. Phrases most commonly used are “@xxxx check this out! We NEED this! #payday” followed by a clever use of an over the top emoticon expressing my love for this potential new purchase. My eager eyes then run immediately to the brands profile and before you know it I am cruising their website in online shopping bliss, then whoopsie I am at the checkout and PayPal’s notifying me of my shiny new purchase.
    I can continue to waffle on about so much because I am obsessed with social media, but the truth is this – on a daily basis I find myself expressing to clients (especially in the retail sector) how GREAT Instagram is and how much potential lies in this beaut of a photo-sharing app!
    I am predicting 2014 to be the year Instagram will be strongly flexing its influential purchasing power. So with that statement fully out there I’d love to share with you from an ‘every day’ user why I LOVE to shop via Instagram.
    1)    Attention – Brands who catch my attention are posting ‘real time’ photos. They tell me a story and have a personality (voice), this is what initially wants me to be part of their ‘community’. So for a few seconds of my day I feel a part of their amazing world.
    2)    No ‘over sharing’  – 2 posts from a brand is plenty for me. When I log in I get excited to see news from my fave accounts, two’s my limit – and then you’ve lost me.
    3)    Customer Service – This is my own personal experience but I feel brand customer service is almost like your speaking with a friend on Insta, the language is more relaxed. Questions about said item (s) are answered quickly and with enthusiasm and substance.
    4)    Special discounts – (secretly my fave) if you love to share your purchases on your own personal Insta account then you’ll love this. The BEST experiences I have had so far are around this. One retailer offered to me when I received my package to take a picture of my new goodies and # their brand and @ them to receive a % off my next order. Very clever! Naturally I performed this easy task in the space of a few minutes and got my discount (spending more dollars) every one’s a winner – see where I’m going with this…
    5)    Raw and real time – People don’t always want to see a ‘polished’ product or models rocking a product. Real people, real time. That’s what filters are for 😉
    6)    For the ‘art of it’ – Get creative. I feed off other peoples creativity. If I can see someone has gone the extra mile in their post – made a cute arrangement or made me hungry – again you got me!
    7)    Hashtag it! If you don’t hashtag how do you expect other people to find you? Stay up to date with trending # in your sector and # away! I always seem to find the most amazing things from following # threads.
    To wrap up, here are some of my Insta faves. At this point fella’s this is definitely where I’ll lose you! Cue some shameless girlie promotion.
    Money spent in my head from one login = $250+ (yikes)
    Don’t worry Facey I haven’t de-friended you yet but your sister Insta has stolen my heart and my purse dollars (of which the purse I probably brought from an Insta post)
    Are you influenced as easily as me by brands on Instagram? Tell me in comments below.