BMW Wants Their Brand On Your Eyeballs

    Sam Mutimer

    BMW are mixing it up a little in the way they are using traditional media! Their latest cinema ad uses a very effective after image projection technique. It’s catchy, clever and gets viewers involved. I like it a lot!
    Here’s the YouTube clip…..

    Yes, the initial production overview may be a little cheesy however I loved the words they chose to use and also the use of an embedded command: “Close your eyes”.
    These three words tell us to do something, and I’m guessing most people will do it. Even though it’s not strictly ‘engagement’, it’s certainly a powerful way to reach out to people. They have experienced something on some level and today, that’s important.
    One of our team members Warren Davies says “I’m not too sure if people would like the letters BMW seared onto their retinas” however I believe it’s the catchy-ness of the ad that will remain in peoples thoughts. I’m blogging about too it after all!
    With more traditional means of advertising, a brand in 2010 onwards really needs to find new and interesting ways to engage with viewers.
    So many times we see ads on TV/Cinema with no real engagement or brand experience. I believe BMW have just stepped it up a notch… I’m certainly smiling!
    What are your thoughts on this catchy way of advertising?
    Does it light you up or is it another waste of marketing spend that could be used better elsewhere?