Asking for business on twitter. Yes or No?

    Sam Mutimer

    OK….so I had to jump on here before the lovely Caz Pringle posted her next sequel on the future of events in a sec!!! Soz Caz πŸ˜‰
    It’s new business day Friday today and half the team look at who we’d love to work with and approach these companies/agencies on different mediums. I’ve been on twitter 3 years and can’t remember a time where I actually asked for business directly.
    As most social savvy people know, it’s build the relationship first then sell second. Well, I’ve been building relationships for quite a while now on 3 top platforms and we’ve had some brilliant leads and sales as a result of this indirectly.
    Today I thought I’d plant the seed/give people a nudge or reminder of who we are and what we do at thinktank media – directly! My tweet went – “Hey guys!It’s new biz Friday here at @thinktankmedia I’m choosing twitter!Anyone know anyone who’s looking for social media agency?:-)”
    After I’d tweeted, Ben, one of the directors here called it tacky and not good for the brand. I’d have to say I disagree…if we spend so long on platforms and nurture our communities then why not ask occasionally.
    After this tweet I received 2 DMs within the space of 10 mintues asking for more.
    So, I ask you team….is it tacky..bad for a brand to ask directly for business once in a while on social networks such as twitter? Can it come across as desperate? Hit me up below peeps!