An Airline That Uses Social Media To Create A REAL Smile!

    Sam Mutimer

    Have you ever waited at an airport and had the boredom twinges creep in. Maybe your flight has been delayed or you’re waiting for friends or family to arrive.
    So many emotions peak at airports and KLM have tapped into these in an outstanding way!
    The airline has gone about giving their brand the “care factor” and “an element of surprise” by showing they listen, care and provide. This lights me up like a Christmas tree ! SO many brands utilise social media but how many truly have the care factor at number 1?
    Show you care, create an experience for your consumers and give back at times. These qualities should be woven into every social media strategy and execution assisting in the success of the program.
    Simply put, KLM looked at who had mentioned them via twitter and foursquare. From here they researched a little into the type of person who had mentioned them – eg. what was mentioned in the tweet, what info could they find to describe the type of person – eg. sporty.
    Once they found this out, it was a rush against the clock to purchase a small gift and find the person to deliver it to them.
    In the process of doing this, they were creating a real smile and a stronger association with the airline in some shape or form…one that they could see. Their aim was to create a surprise and make a small difference to a passengers day. They certainly exceeded this.
    The results – they created 1,000,000 impressions on twitter alone- a brand experience for those travelers and the people that viewed the campaign, like myself. Obviously this type of campaign has a high sharablity factor due to it’s human approach.
    Here’s a quick video of how they did it. I’d like to see more brands take this colloquial and humanised approach in amplifying their social media execution.

    How about you? Do you know of any brands…or maybe your own business using tactics like this? Hit us up in the comments section below, I’d love to hear your take on this.