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    Part 1: How To Set Up A Facebook Ad Campaign For Conversions
    With Facebook’s new Objective Based Advertising platform, you can now set specific objectives and measure the success of these outcomes a lot more effectively. A question get we get asked frequently is: “I want to advertise on Facebook to drive sales on my website”, and for people who aren’t knowledgeable in Facebook advertising (usually the multi-tasking small business owner), it can be a really overwhelming subject! Not a problem, this blog post is designed to add the simplicity.
    Facebook’s most current ads let users create them based on the objectives you want to create. Objectives can be selected easily, and you’ll be prompted on which one you’d like:
    Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 3.21.36 PM
    One of the most valuable business objectives for these ads is Conversions – the process of driving an individual from Facebook via your ad to your website where the individual then makes some type of significant action (usually transactional). I’ve put together some simple steps on how to create an ad campaign for just that…
    1. Select Create Advert
    2. Select Website Conversions
    3. Create Tracking Pixel*
    *A Tracking Pixel is a little piece of Facebook generated code which tracks all the leads that have come from your ad to your website, and how many people convert. This is imperative in order to see results from this type of ad.
    Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 3.22.19 PM
    4. Install Tracking Pixel code into the specific page on your website where individuals will be sent to (via your ad)
    5. Set up your ads with correct images, copy and targeting
    6. Set your budget
    7. Place ad!
    Next week’s blog post will cover how you measure the success of your ad placement, and tweak and change accordingly. Best of luck with your campaign, and hopefully those conversions come rolling in!
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