Add to Cart: Part 2

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    Part 2: Measuring the success of your conversions ads placement.
    The first instalment of Add To Cart featured how to set up Facebook ads for conversions on your website. Now we look at what we can do to ensure you are getting the best return of investment (ROI) possible, and making sure your ads are constantly performing.
    Monitor your conversions
    When you go into the Facebook Ads Manager, it will bring up a whole table of stats for your ad campaign. The main statistics you will be looking at are:
    Conversions – The number of times your conversion pixel (from Part 1) is fired
    Cost Per Conversion – The average amount you paid for each conversion
    If you know the values that each customer is paying when ‘checking out’, you’ll be able to work out your ROI.
    If you find that your graph is in a constant downward trend and your ads are costing you a little more than they should – keep calm…Facebook allows users to edit and tweak their ads at any stage.
    Tweaking can be tricky, and sometimes it’s difficult to know what approach to take next in order to get your ads performing again. There’s no recipe or simple answer to this, as each brand and industry works differently.
    A good strategy to try first is to alter the targeting slightly – experiment with the interests of your demographic. Find out for yourself what your audience is responding to. Make your own recipe. One that works for you!
    Keep in mind when changing your targeting, not to shrink your audience too much as being too specific with your interests could limit your results. Likewise, broadening your audience too much can have the same effect as the people you will be advertising to may not be interested in your ad.
    Another strategy is to change your visuals. It’s surprising how much influence a really good/bad image has on your advertisement!
    Conversion tracking has been proven to many businesses and brands that it does work. Hopefully it works for you too! We’d love to hear about the results you are having, or if you could like to know more, contact us.